Sunday, February 8, 2015

Looking Forward. (Catching Up Pt. 2)

Hello again!

I know I said I would write about what I was excited for that same weekend, but obviously that didn't happen and it is because times are tough right now. I am job searching, getting my apartment in order, potty training a puppy, and trying to balance all of my time and budget as wisely as possible.

It has most certainly taken its toll. So I am taking a night to sit down and write what I have been excited for. The list isn't long and it will end up being kind of a list of resolutions. So here we go:

First of all, I am very excited for Mindy Kaling's new book to come out in September. It's called "Why Not Me?" and I hope it is as wonderful as her first novel was. Here is an Amazon link to the book and you can check out her other book as well from that page. There isn't art work yet but I can assure you it will be adorable. Just wait. Also you should read her first book, watch all of The Mindy Project, and follw her on Instagram if you haven't already done all of these things. She is just as cool if not cooler than Amy Poehler and Tina Fey so get on it!

Also, I am excited for are a couple of TV shows. Later in the year there will be a bigger post about the new fall lineup, but for right now there are some spring releases I think should be discussed. First off, Fresh off the Boat is finally being released!! I am super excited. I have probably too high of hopes for it, but I am really hoping it is as funny as it looks. It will air on ABC February 10th.

The second show I am excited for is a new drama called American Crime. It looks very intense from the trailer. It could go the overdramatic route, however, I am optimistic. Once again it is ABC and they have been known for some good dramas. This isn't Shondaland though so it may be less fun and more dark than Grey's or Scandal.

A few other exciting 2015 items are Better Call Saul, the final season of Mad Men,  and the Texas Rangers to have a healthy  good season. I hope. In the meantime, I will just listen to Avril Lavigne's new song, which isn't great and Meghan Trainor's new album, which also isn't great. I was wrong about that one. I am sure music will get better. I am not the most up to date in the music scene anyway. If you want that information you should check out Culture Greyhound.

Not focusing on media and looking into my real life, I have to say I am excited to get a job. A real 9-5, weekends off, and benefits package job. I am also excited to take my puppy for walks and maybe a hike once in a while as well as FINALLY learn to cook and spend time with my friends. Every year I find myself watching more and more tv and not really learning any new skills or changing the way I would like to. However, this year feels good. It's been a month and I have already completed some projects, I have started walking the dog more and my apartment is coming together nicely. There is so much to do and once I find a job there will be less time to do it, but I am confident that it will get done.

I hope everyone has had a great year so far and I hope it keeps moving along nicely. I have already had some down times this year and I have let stress get to me, but I am tired of sitting around being sad or stressed. It's hard and time consuming when I could be doing bigger, better, louder things.

Sing at the top of your lungs, you'll feel better.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Catching Up Pt. 1

Of course the inevitable "I forgot I even had a blog" time has come and gone. That's right I recently remembered I had somewhere to discuss pop culture and vent about my life. But now I am back!

So let's discuss the end of 2014 so we can get it out of the way. I was way more into TV this year and so my film knowledge is small and almost insignificant. I didn't even get to go see St. Vincent. I am still heartbroken about that. However I saw some of the big ones. Boyhood for instance is  really great and people should watch it. The Lego Movie is getting snubbed in the animation categories which I am upset about. Really Golden Globes? The sequel to How to Train Your Dragon  was better then Big Hero 6 and the Lego Movie?  This is just not true. Of course the Oscars didn't even bother with it. No surprise there. Anyway, children everywhere know the truth as well as I do.

Onto 2014 television, Jane the Virgin came out and rocked my CW world. So freaking good. Gotham is still going strong but I have stopped watching. It is good and I love Benjamin McKenzie, but it's not my type of show. I absolutely have to mention You're The Worst. This show is amazing and easily my favorite new show of 2014. I have already watched it all the way through three times and I make everyone watch it. In a close second place is of course, Silicon Valley. I cannot wait until April. I am still pulling for Constantine and Marry Me. Constantine is surprisingly good and Marry Me is on the cusp of being something really funny and great. It isn't there yet but I have faith. #saveconstantine

Music, probably the most disappointing category of the year, was typical and kind of bland. Charli XCX is now mainstream and so is Iggy Azalea who I feel is a tad overrated. Hilary Duff had some new singles this year which was awesome. A new DJ came out of Brooklyn named SOPHIE and by new I mean I found out who he was. He is certainly worth checking out. Tay Tay had some good singles while reminding me that she is my age and has already done more with her life than I ever will. Thanks buddy. Tove Lo surfaced with a great EP and a crappy album in comparison. Then of course Lilly Allen returned with Sheezus, my favorite album of the year. However that doesn't say much since I am all about that single. No albums. (Meghan Trainor who will be the talk of 2015.)
Feel free to check out my Top 40 of 2014 here.

With every year that passes there is more and more film, tv, and music coming out and there is less and less of it I have time to peruse as I get older. So this is clearly condensed and whatever I didn't mention didn't stick in my mind enough to remember. Since I did do more reading this year I will suggest two books. Amy Poehler "Yes, Please" and Rainbow Rowell's "Landline"

So now looking into 2015 what am I excited about? Well that post will come out later this weekend. You will have to stay tuned for Catching up Pt. 2.

New Year's Resolutions:
Get a job
Stay Alive
Be Nice

Stay strong it's only January,