Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It is all about her.

It's almost one in the morning and I have to wake up in about 6 hours to go do inventory at my current part time job. However, tonight was the premiere of Hilary Duff's new music video for her new single "All About You".  I just had to talk about about this song. The video is pretty forgettable but the song is anything but.

That's right. I screenshot it because I am listening to it right this second. I can't get over how catchy it is. With it's insinuating lyrics and then her falling in love and wanting to kiss him on the beach how could I not love it? The real question is why do you not already? It's been in my head for a month. It's the melody I sing when I am doing mundane activities and decide to sing about them. I have meowed it to my cat on numerous occasions. (She lives it too btw) 
Just listen to it with no judgement, no close-mindedness of any kind. You don't even need nostalgia it's that catchy. 

I had to write about this. I had to put it out there. I hope it infects your mind as much as it has mine. If you hated it please let me know why. If you loved it or if it just bugs you let me know about that as well. This blog is all about me but I would like to hear from you. (You sang that last line didn't you? Yeah, you did.) 

It's all about you, 


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