Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the color change in nature, the cooler temperatures, football, and new movies and television.

 Of course, new films and tv shows can come out any time of year, but the fall lineup is the most fun for television. It is a battleground for my primetime attention and I love it. Some years fall short and sadly I don't find a new show to love. But last year I found Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Super Fun Night, though sadly Super Fun Night was cancelled.

This year brings about a bunch of new shows and I am happy to say I am excited about more than one of them. Last year was all about Brooklyn Nine-Nine, this year it's all about Gotham. I discussed this shows in a previous post in May. That is how much buzz this one has been getting. It makes sense though, with Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Series over and people still anxiously waiting on the new Superman and Batman movie we have to get out Batman fix somewhere right?

However, there are so much more than I am excited about. Katherine Heigl is back and on a new drama. Which is nice because I enjoy watching her, although apparently working with her is the worst. But It will be nice to see her acting again. This is what I believe is NBC's answer to Scandal. I honestly don't have any idea how good this will be. It looks cliche but it could work you never know.

This next show is a comedy on ABC and apparently it is the first Asian American Family sitcom since This American Girl. Never heard of it? That's probably because it was offensive and only aired for about 5 episodes. This new comedy is called Fresh Off The Boat.

The last show is another one from drama Queen Shonda Rhimes. Known for over the top addictive dramas such as Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, she is coming out with a new series called How to Get Away With Murder. Another powerful woman working in a powerful job who tries to always do right but when sex and scandal get in the way she is forced to make tough decisions. I feel that is the tagline for all of her shows.

The final new show I will discuss today is a love story. It looks a little like How I Met Your Mother, but maybe that is because The Mother is in this show. With the angel from Drop Dead Diva as the Ted character and a love interest with the name Zelda I can't really get super into this show. When you watch the trailer you will feel all warm inside and then you will realize that this is going to go on for too long and they will get married at the end of season three or four and have kids by season 6 when all shows go to hell. I feel I have already seen it but I will watch it again anyway. Why? Because it looks super cute.

I am going to watch all of these shows and then some more like the Mysteries of Laura (God I love Debra Messing) and I might catch an episode or two of Bad Judge (Most likely not though) But enough of the new stuff Who knows if we will even be watching it in the next couple of months right? Let's talk about some favorites that are coming back this fall.

First and foremost lets discuss Brooklyn Nine-Nine!! (again.) It is easily my favorite comedy on right now. Followed closely by Bob's Burgers, and Archer and of course Parks and Rec. But I have literally missed Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I have been super bummed that the season one DVD hasn't come out yet for me to buy and rewatch a million times. Just watch and remember how much you love these people.

I am also very excited for the return of The Mindy Project. It is Season 3 and Danny and Mindy are together! Yeah I wouldn't know what that meant either if I hadn't binged watched it this summer while missing Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But I am selling it short. It is really funny and Mindy Kaling is adorable and I want to be her best friend.

The last show I am going to talk about is an animated children's show called Gravity Falls. It might be the best thing the Disney Channel has put out since Lizzie McGuire. (That's right High School Musical you suck) It was another summer catch up show that I got hooked on.  A story about two kids who get sent away for the summer to solve the mysteries of a strange town. It is a lot of fun and Kristen Schaal does a great job. It is now on Season 2, but I wanted you to get a feel for the entire premise of the show not just what happened last season. So here is the promo from last summer.

Television is the greatest and I really hope you guys check out some of these shows. Feel free to let me know what you think. What shows are you excited for? Should we give Katherine Heigl another chance? What shows can you not stop watching? Let me know!

Hope your shows don't get cancelled,


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