Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Slow and Steady Doesn't Go Crazy.

To start off this post, I would like to sincerely apologize for the hiatus. Between family traveling and cleaning out the house and then everybody deciding it was their birthday; I have been quite busy. I am back now though and I feel I have some new exciting stuff to share with the world.

August is pretty much the last month of summer for me. Obviously that doesn't go with the solstice, but this is about perspective. Anyway, school starts in less than a month and I am looking for a part time job. This doesn't take up as much of my time as it should. I am trying very hard to focus and not wish I had another month of sleeping in and then binge watching television. I am struggling to get up and go to Micheal's and apply for some part time cashier job. This brings me to my topic of discussion today. How does someone get and then stay motivated?

Motivation is a very powerful feeling. It can make me feel like I still can run a mile. (Hint: I can't) Or that I could totally learn how to cook and have fun doing it. (Hint: Another thing I can't do.) But I feel like I could when I am motivated to do so. So how do I get motivated?

1. Listen to music while I am in the shower and sing at the top of my lungs. Yes, It is amazing and it can start your day off perfectly. I know I am pitchy and occasionally off key, but something about singing Katy Perry's "Roar" in the morning just makes me want to conquer the world. I have an entire playlist dedicated to positive energy songs that I listen to when I need a quick pick me up. I suggest you find some of your own.

2. Watch a girl power movie. Some of my favorites are "She's the Man" or "The Devil Wears Prada". The obvious favorite is "Clueless". Yes, I know none of these are "Million Dollar Baby" type of girl power, but that isn't really the woman I am anymore. Movies like "Mean Girls" and "Legally Blonde" are about bettering yourself and becoming someone you can be proud of. Films like that just make me want to be a better person no matter how hilarious or (let's face it) young adult they may be.

3. Meditation. This one is not for everyone. The first two are based on opinions and anyone can do that assuming they watch movies or listen to music. But mediation takes quiet and focus. I cannot do it for long but I really don't need to. For ten to fifteen minutes, I just lie there with my eyes closed and listen to a guided meditation about inspiration or motivation. Sometimes it is all about balancing the chakras. (Like I said not for everyone) and sometimes it is just about visualizing what I want to accomplish and finding the energy within myself to get it done.

4. A strong support system. I am fortunate enough to have an amazing boyfriend. I have great friends and family as well, but in the past year I have come to really rely on Mark. He always sees the positive and can get me out of my worrisome head. I forget about the what if and start realizing that no matter what I will be fine. For example, what is the worst thing that could happen if I don't get a job? I will move back home or in with Mark's family. I won't starve. The world will not end. The point is that the worst circumstance is something I could overcome and Mark helps me realize that.

These are ways I get motivated. Now staying motivated is much harder. In all honesty I don't really have it down. I don't know anyone who does. I can be running around accomplishing everything one day and laying around the house the next. (And for three more days after that.) Here are some ideas that at least keep me motivated longer. 

1. Doing a little at a time. I spread my work or projects out. Starting eight projects at a time just gets me overwhelmed and I go to bed. But if I start and finish one small task a day or break a big project up into a bunch of small tasks I feel much better and I am more likely to continue working the next day just because I feel the progress I am making.

2. Rewarding myself. When I was trying to lose weight I would reward myself with Oreos at the end of a week of healthy eating. Well that was a bad idea because I would eat the whole bag and my good week was shot to hell in a day. (Self-discipline may be the topic of my next post.) So I switched to letting myself go to Marshall's or SuperTarget and buy a little something. This worked great because not only was I getting a reward I was also walking for a good hour or so. This works great until the bank account runs dry or if you are a shopaholic.

3.Keeping the house clean. I know this sounds weird but it is really hard for me to function when I know my apartment is a mess. I just want to lay around in the mess and accept my fate as an unemployed slob. This is especially hard for me because I really am an unemployed slob right now. I will always be a slob. The habit is there and I can't break it at this point. But at least making an effort to keep the house looking nice helps me not worry about the possibility of bugs in my house and I can focus on my cover letter or resume. (Bugs are a problem. Literally, I once hid from a cicada under a blanket while my boyfriend got it out of the apartment.)

4. Meditation/strong support system. I added these two together because they were discussed above but they still hold true for staying motivated as well.

I am not perfect (You read the cicada part right?) and these suggestions are not foolproof. They are things I have discovered work for me. Feel free to try them and let me know if you have other suggestions. I am willing to try just about anything. Being motivated to lose weight, finishing a DIY project, or even just getting out of bed can sometimes be hard and that's okay. As long as you can find ways o deal with it and go on living your life then you'll be fine.

Show yourself some love today,


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