Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2 new things

I know I posted just yesterday, but I have something new for you!!

2 things have been brought to my attention even though one of which I already new about.
(thank you bro and B)

The first being the mesmerizing new Avril Lavigne video for "Hello Kitty", It was on YouTube, but it has since been taken down because people have been ofended by it. It is stil on her website however. You can check it out here.

I know, right? It's kind of great. I don't believe in guilty pleasures or being embarrassed for things that make me happy so I will admit I still love Avril. This song is weird and random and ridiculous and not even the catchiest thing she has ever written, but I still like it and this video is weirdly adorable. With her pink skirt and biker gloves, she just weirds me out and still makes me want to dance along side her.
Many people have been offended by it though and claim that it is racist. I can see where they are coming from, but my opinion is that Avril was just doing what her director told her to do. The video was created for the Japanese market and by a bunch of Japanese artists and directors. So I stand by my opinion and that the video is weird and random and fun.

The second thing I wanted to share with the world is the great new app I found. That's right an app which I learned about through InStyle's website. It s called The Find and it is FREE. What is does is it helps you do your online shopping all at once. Want to find the best price with free shipping on those new Michael Kors watches? Easy. you literally need one tab open and on this site. Now you can even do it from your phone or tablet. I know I sound like an ad right now, but it really is a lifesaver. I can't tell you how much time it has saved me already. I freaking love it.

PARTY TIP: Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never be afraid to dance. - Andrew WK

Stay awesome, 

- Emy


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