Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Music!

Hey everyone! Some new songs have been coming out and I wanted to share them with you!
Every season I start a new playlist and it helps me compile the songs I am loving at that time. Some songs carry over from one season to the next and some only stay for one season. Some songs came out in the 90s or 80s but I am in love with them again or for the first time so they are on there as well.  Also, I should say that I don't follow the actual dates of a season. For example, I started my summer 2014 playlist today and well it is still very much spring. However, the summer playlist is usually the biggest anyway.

So there is a new track from Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea called "Problem".

I was maybe too excited for this collaboration to begin with, but I was disappointed. I honestly hate the chorus. It's like this weird version of the whisper song with a 90s melody and JLO horns blaring. Why?

The second song which I am way more into is the new Lilly Allen called "Sheezus".

The video does creep me out. But the song is catchy as hell and I love the chorus. I don't know that Lorde is a diva yet, but she could be. She is still going through that whole "I'm new. I'm not like the other pop stars," even though her and Taylor Swift are already BFFs. And all of her songs already sound the same. Sorry not really a Lorde fan.
Anyway, I appreciate when Allen starts discussing periods. I get it. She is trying to put all women on the same level. "We've all got periods." I think it is kind of gross way to do it, but it grabs your attention and she definitely gets the point across.

Okay this last song is older but you have to hear it if you haven't already.

The band is called 5 Seconds of Summer and the song is titled "She Looks So Perfect".
I have to talk about the elephant in the song. Why is she wearing HIS underwear? That is worse than discussing periods. Maybe I am getting old, but that it is not sanitary.
This song is catchy as hell and I am surprised I am not hearing more of it on the radio. Maybe with more time?

Anyway, these songs are staring off the Summer 2014 playlist and though none of them have been named The Summer Jam yet, you will know when it happens.

Keep dancing,


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