Saturday, April 26, 2014

Remember Me For Me

Today is a special day. One of my bests friends and her husband celebrated their 5 year wedding anniversary tonight.

(Alfredo and Lila)

They are a wonderful couple and they really show me the meaning of true love everyday. 
My own three year anniversary is on Monday with the one I love. We aren't married, but we have been together three years and we have been best friends longer than that.

(Mark and I)

Why do we celebrate anniversaries? What is it about them that makes them so important to us? 
It really feels like just another day and usually our anniversaries fall on workdays so we don't have time to celebrate them. However, I can tell you several anniversaries of mine. 

Of course as most women I have an anniversary with my cat. This August My cat and I will have been best friends for eleven years. Through high school, college, internships, and grad school she has been there complaining and whining about how she doesn't get enough wet food. She sleeps by me almost every night except when she doesn't want to wake me up to get her something. Her name is Layla and she lays out on in the sun. 

(Layla and I)

My parents of course have always been together. They fight and bicker at one another, but they truly do love one another. They have been together over thirty years. Their anniversary is June 14th.

(My Parents)

Even birthdays are anniversaries. I can't ever forget my brother's birthday. First of all it is August 1st so its easy to remember. Also, he would never let me live it down. Seriously, I would never hear the end of it. 
 (Ben and I)

Why do I know all of this? Birthdays, anniversaries, I even remember days some of my closest friends have been taken from me. (Love you Sheldon, Drew, and Morgan) 

I don't believe there is one answer to this question. People remember things for many reasons. but I remember these days because these are people or animals who changed me. My parents for obvious reasons. They raised me, they created the environment I grew up in. Although we may not always see eye to eye, I have a respect for them and their hard work. They taught me hard work and how to appreciate what you have. 

My cat teaches me that I can be what I want to and not to take crap from anybody. She is very strong willed. Seriously though if you mess with her she just runs and hides and you never get to see her until you leave and she forgets who you are. 

My brother, Ben, teaches me to appreciate things in a new way. He is a music lover and I mean that in the strongest way possible. He loves all music and will judge it all on an equal scale. You can check out his blog Culture Greyhound and see just how much. We love to discuss new music, TV series, film, and culture trends. I always learn something from him and he makes me really figure out why I feel what I feel about something and it makes me a stronger person. 

My best friend Lila teaches me to stay strong in what I believe and never let people push me around. She has the strongest faith of anyone I know. Because of that she has shown me what true love looks like and I hope Mark and I can have as much love as her and her husband do. 

My Mark teaches me how to be my own person and how to not care what people think. He teaches me not to worry and how to just let life work out the way its supposed to. He teaches me how to pick myself up when I am down and how to truly support someone and be their one and only. Yes, he has taught me a lot, but he is the love of my life and I spend most of my time with him. It was inevitable. 

The most important thing that all of the people mentioned and a few others not mentioned and Layla the cat have taught me though is that I should love myself. That isn't the easiest lesson to learn for anyone and to have so many people constantly make me feel worth it is the greatest feeling of all. That is why anniversaries of any kind are worth remembering. It is important to celebrate the people you love. 

Happy Anniversary Dalila and Alfredo and Happy Anniversary Mark!

PARTY TIP: You have the right to not party with people who bring you down. - Andrew WK


Oh and Ben you are welcome for the plug. 

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